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It's actually hard to profile oneself after having lived such a busy life. I've been a copywriter,a roadie, a dolphin handler, a wildlife officer, a mine worker, a publican, a web designer, a daughter, a sister, a mother, a wife, a good friend and hopefully a good person!

I've lived in the Southern & Northern hemisphere, on both sides of the world! I've also lived in 2 temperature extremes, +52C to -38C. I've been on top of ancient temples & viewed 4 countries at once, and stayed in haunted English inns.  I've seen magnificent rainforests, colourful outbacks, Scottish highlands and Canadian tundras.

I'm a Green Geek, in other words I use my computers efficiently, the web wisely and are powered by 100% Green Power.

I have an awesome daughter who's a photo/journalist, and a very cool Border Collie dog who think's he's human! I live with my best friend & business partner and we build websites that look good & work.  We like photography, travel & enjoying a good film at the cinema.  If you see us around... we'll have a Bourbon & Coke thanks!


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